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Intuitive Intelligence Programme (IIP)



Subtle Intellectual Thought

Intuition is that subtle extra sense that enables us to make a spontaneous decision without involving rational thought. We all have this innate ability to act on a ‘gut level’ feeling; yet more often than not, we give in to logic and reason because modern society has taught us that the way to progress is mainly through intellectual and rational thought.

We live in the age of intelligence where logic and reasoning takes precedence, but there is a price to pay that is evident on an individual and global scale. There is much discomfort, misery and instability being experienced around the world. Poverty, war, environmental damage, economic uncertainty and an increasingly artificial existence are contributing factors that affect our stress and anxiety levels.

The more stressed and anxious we feel, the less we are able to effectively manage mental and emotional tension, creating friction in our relations with others as well as within ourselves.

Empower Your Intuitive Self with Srinivas Arka

The Intuitive Intelligence Programme was created to address these imbalances and empower you to get back in touch with your intuitive self, restoring equilibrium between the intelligent mind and the intuitive heart.

Only when intelligence rests, does intuition awaken. Intuition is a self-sustaining and self-guiding force, with unlimited power. When you live intuitively you experience more positive results that enrich the main areas of your life: relationships, health, wealth, communication and self -awareness. A greater clarity and purpose can be achieved within yourself.

The Intuitive Intelligence Programme developed by Srinivas Arka provides the foundation for living intuitively, to help you effectively manage and improve the quality of your life through greater self-awareness. It is a powerful course created into five distinct areas. Within each area, there are different levels of progression and all combine into practical strategies that you can easily tap into for continued success, happiness and personal growth, long after completing the programme.

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Your presence and the teaching on conscious awareness generate tremendous strength. Your simplicity reflects the depth of your inner knowledge. Meeting you has made me more positive in thought and action.

I greatly enjoyed our conversation. It was pleasant and illuminating at the same time. I feel that all crises in the world – big or small – are at the root indicative of lack of spirituality. Hence to strive toward spiritual growth is a necessity, and how to go about it is where the seeker needs guidance from adepts like you.