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For many people, having wealth is not just about having lots of money, property, and jewellery. True wealth is also about your health, happiness, friends, family, knowledge, skills, talents, creativity and many other non-materialistic attributes of your life.

Self Confidence Development
Wealth awareness may bring us many positive effects, such as greater confidence and comfort. In IIP seminars, Srinivas Arka discusses many key aspects of gaining wealth, developing self-confidence and ways of appreciating true wealth. There are three main topics in IIP seminars which covers:

The purpose of business – what it means to have a business, how to involve yourself in it successfully along with examples of how you should think and act while you are engaged in your business.

Business Basics – the key steps in running your business successfully, how to motivate yourself and how to build your personal qualities to be a more successful business person. You will also learn how to be sensitive and empathetic to one’s lifestyle and culture, which will help your communication and could positively contribute towards your business.

Business Growth – what steps are required to grow your business whilst staying environmentally aware, along with common errors that occur, using examples and frequently asked questions.

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Your presence and the teaching on conscious awareness generate tremendous strength. Your simplicity reflects the depth of your inner knowledge. Meeting you has made me more positive in thought and action.

I greatly enjoyed our conversation. It was pleasant and illuminating at the same time. I feel that all crises in the world – big or small – are at the root indicative of lack of spirituality. Hence to strive toward spiritual growth is a necessity, and how to go about it is where the seeker needs guidance from adepts like you.