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Audio Talks

Connecting with the Inner Self through Sound Energy

When you want to say something deeply meaningful, being conscious of your utterance, that bears healing properties, making your communication more effective. Such sounds emanate from the depths of the navel. We can recognize the change in our voice being deepened and sound energy being carried upward from the navel to the throat and to the world outside and reflecting back to us.

After light energy, sound energy best represents the world, the human body and the physical manifestation of all other living forms. Although sound energy is tangible, the process of creating sound is mystical. Special sounds generated by us will have an immediate and positive effect on our body and mind.

With our voices we can reach other living beings, including microbial entities,even at great distances, but we have lost that touch and practice and also have not tapped into that potential. Whereas in ancient times, sages and seers did have that mastery, which they used for the good of mankind and surrounding nature.

Practising uttering special sounds like Saroogovaum can help us reconnect with the body and inner-mind.


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The Mind A Thinking Entity

Live Recording of Inspiring and Thought Provoking Talk

There is no limit for our inner consciousness, for our Self. But we draw our limits with our thinking mind. We create lots of boundaries and barriers artificially with our exaggerated physiological mind and we can become suffocated and trapped in that so much that we halt our growth.

The thinking mind is so powerful. It has tremendous influence on our bodies with its thoughts, as thoughts have energy which can alter the chemistry of our body and can change physiological processes.


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On Mother’s Day, May 10, 1997, Srinivas Arka gave a heart touching message at a retreat held at Geneva Park, Canada.In this inspirational message, Srinivas Arka takes us to the root of our existence, our Mother. Besides exploring the many flavours of mother’s love and her relationship with her children, Srinivas Arka enlightens us on the parent of parents, the very source of our existence, Higher Consciousness.



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Oneness Within/Pure Consciousness

The Oneness Within
Live Recording – Canada – October 1996

This talk was given by Srinivas Arka at a gathering in 1996, immediately after a deep state of Dhyana. The sound of his voice conveys the depth of his spiritual message in which he touches a fundamental truth – the fact that no emerging into a higher state of consciousness and being ever involves one body alone. No passing on and up into a higher state of consciousness ever takes place unless an alignment is achieved between the various forms of our existence – the physical, emotional, mental bodies and our inner conscious spirit.

Then the word ‘oneness’ stops being a vague, abstract term and becomes a fact of our being with the help of which one expands in an ever widening awareness. To help us achieve this – otherwise laborious – task, Srinivas Arka came with the gift of a mystic sound, “SAA-ROO-GO-VAUM “, with which he often begins and ends his open audiences and talks. When uttered consciously and collectively, this sound brings different states of deepened awareness to different individuals.

This includes a calming effect, alleviating of bodily discomfort, a feeling of oneness and different states of expanded and elevated consciousness.
Pure Consciousness
Live Recording – Canada – October 1998

This is a talk given by Srinivas Arka on his birthday. It speaks about the journey of consciousness which, from its pure state, steps into the tangible form to gain life experiences, using mind and memory as instruments to move in time. With the essence of these memories converted into subtle forms of impression, our consciousness moves into higher or different planes of existence – from the differentiation of the surface-consciousness to the oneness of depth-consciousness.


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Your presence and the teaching on conscious awareness generate tremendous strength. Your simplicity reflects the depth of your inner knowledge. Meeting you has made me more positive in thought and action.

I greatly enjoyed our conversation. It was pleasant and illuminating at the same time. I feel that all crises in the world – big or small – are at the root indicative of lack of spirituality. Hence to strive toward spiritual growth is a necessity, and how to go about it is where the seeker needs guidance from adepts like you.