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Arka Dhyana



The Intuitive Method

Tens of thousands of people around the world, including academics, students, businessmen, professionals and artists, are already practising and enjoying the results of the Intuitive Method. Through the practice of Intuitive Method, many have gained courage, improved their health and come to experience peace and love in new and exciting ways. In Srinivas Arka’s words, “Intuition awakens when intelligence is exhausted. By consciously allowing your heart to supersede the mind during the practice of this method, the latter will gracefully accept new guidance. The aim is not to control the mind but allow it to flow in the direction you want.”


Srinivas Arka explains how — a method, which he has developed over twenty-five years, can help you find answers silently within yourselves, what your true potential is, and what you can do to make a positive difference. Intuitive Method through concentration on the sense of touch, breath and sound, is essentially a soothingly uplifting experience. It brings ancient techniques meaningfully into the 21st century and its intuitive base allows you to progress and evolve in your own distinctive way.

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Your presence and the teaching on conscious awareness generate tremendous strength. Your simplicity reflects the depth of your inner knowledge. Meeting you has made me more positive in thought and action.

I greatly enjoyed our conversation. It was pleasant and illuminating at the same time. I feel that all crises in the world – big or small – are at the root indicative of lack of spirituality. Hence to strive toward spiritual growth is a necessity, and how to go about it is where the seeker needs guidance from adepts like you.